Awesome Jobs at Techstars Companies in NYC – November 2014 edition

We have over 60 different Techstars companies in NYC.

They are building great businesses ranging from 3rd largest web hosting provider in the world (Digital Ocean) to a small team working to provide an API to scientific knowledge (Standard Analytics).

While the companies are all in different stages, they all face the same issue – recruiting talented folks to join them and help build and scale the businesses.

As the Managing Director here at Techstars, I help the companies in any way I can. Recruiting is one of the most, if not the most, pressing issue they are facing. That’s why I am committing to helping them do that on the ongoing basis.

Jobs listings are all made equal, but the companies aren’t. We know that the Techstars companies stand for highest qualities startups you can find in NYC. Thats why whether you are an engineer or an MBA or an aspiring entrepreneur or an anxious corporate executive, we want to make the case for why you should consider joining a Techstars company.

Here is my first post, highlighting some of the engineering jobs that are available. I encourage you to pass this around and dive in. If there is a job that you are interested in getting, please apply directly and mention that you found the job on my blog or email me FIRST DOT LAST at TECHSTARS and I will gladly facilitate the introduction.

So here are this month’s companies & jobs:

Plated delivers healthy ingredients and recipes right to your door so you can cook delicious meals at home. They are hiring iOS engineers, Python Developers and Data Management engineers.

Why work at Plated? As the world (and USA) goes healthy, Plated is a super timely company. They are making it easy to eat healthy and cook at home. Josh and Nick are the fearless co-CEOs leading the charge. Plated graduated Techstars in 2013 and raised over 20MM in funding from all star cast investors including Greycroft and Lerer Ventures.

Standard Analytics is organizing world’s scientific information and is building API for science. They are looking for Senior Designer.

Why work at Standard Analytics? The company’s vision is to make scientific knowledge accessible and easy to query. By wrapping the body of science into a semantic API, Standard Analytics will make it possible to cross-link terms, concepts and references across entire science, and will help make science more reproducible. Standard Analytics just graduated Techstars this summer and raised seed round of funding.

ChatID powers real-time conversation between product experts and consumers on retail sites. They are hiring Front End Engineers and a bunch of other roles.

Why work at ChatID? Ever been to a product site and its a total desert? Dan & his crew at ChatID power up a chat widget that helps you connect with experts who can answer questions and decide if this product is right for you. The product is used by significant number of top 10 retailers in US. ChatID graduated Techstars in 2011 in raised over 8MM in funding.

Pathgather is building next generation learning management system and is hiring Senior Front End Engineer.

Why work at Pathgather? Traditional Learning Management Systems are clunky and boring. Pathgather enables employees take control and continue to improve their skills. Thats why big companies like Qualcomm, HBO, and Choice Hotels are switching. Pathgather graduated Techstars this summer and raised significant round of funding.

Placemeter is building crowd monitoring software & hardware. They are hiring a Computer Vision Engineer, Front and Backend Engineers and a Data Scientist.

Why work at Placemeter? For starters, Alexandre Winter, CEO, has PhD in computer vision. Talk about out there ideas and coolest algorithms — Placemeter has is all. The company graduated Techstars in 2013 and raised over 7MM lead by NEA.

Hullabalu is creating interactive stories for next generation. They are looking for an exceptional iOS engineer to join their team.

Why work at Hullabalu? Who can resist a purple panda? Certainly not my kids. They’ve devoured the interactive adventures of Pan, and are hungry for more. Under the hood, Suzanne and her team created an amazing proprietary tech to help create one of a kind interactive stories for kids. The company graduated Techstars this summer and raised significant amount of funding from SV Angel, Gary Vaynerchuk, Joanne Wilson and others.

Enertiv is building energy monitoring hardware and software for commercial and residential buildings. They are hiring Front End Developer and Senior Product Engineer.

Why work at Enertiv? The small box they sell is packed with smarts and algorithmic brains that building managers can use to save money. Enertiv’s dashboard is a true nerd’s paradise – a ton of amazing insights about energy consumption and ways to get more efficient. The company graduated Techstars connected devices accelerator earlier this year and raised a seed round of funding.

Tutum is building docker container management service for devs and ops. They are currently looking for UX Designer.

Why work at Tutum?Docker containers are the latest buzz in cloud computing and for a good reason. Containers make it easier for developers to code locally and then with a single command push changes to the cloud. For companies, containers offer cheaper hosting options. Tutum offers one of the most robust ways to deploy and manage containers. The company just graduated Techstars this summer and raised 2.6MM seed led by RTP Ventures and Azure Capital.

DigitalOcean is the 3rd largest web hosting platform in the world. They are hiring software engineers, security and network engineers and engineering managers.

Why work at Digital Ocean?Are you kidding me? What planet have you been on? Digital Ocean is the 3rd largest hosting provider on Earth 😉 All that since graduating Techstars (in Boulder!) in 2012. Digital Ocean raised over 40MM from Andreessen Horowitz and IA Ventures.

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