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Engineer, Immigrant. Vegan. 3x Founder, Managing Partner @2048vc. Previously ran @techstars in NYC. I write #startuphacks: .


There is a concept in engineering that made its way into the broader startup and business world. Popularized by Martin Fowler back in 1999 this concept is called Re-Factoring. In essence, refactoring is about continuous improvement of the code with goal to make it better, and more maintainable over time. You can think of it…

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Your Startup as a Funnel

We’ve written here before about funnels – a powerful tool for startups to use for converting customers, sales, fundraising and more. The common characteristic of the funnels include the way they should be optimized – bottom up, and one stage at a time. In this post we use the funnel visual to think about your…

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