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4 Tips for Raising Capital During the Holidays

We are headed into the holiday season. For founders who are fundraising, this is typically a particularly stressful time. It is certainly true that some investors slow down their activities during the holidays. That said, there are patterns and specifics for each type of investor. Also, end of year can actually be a great time […]

Our AMAZING Techstars alumni community

I woke up this morning with a single thought stuck in my head – the community that we are building together here at Techstars in NYC and around the world is so incredible. In life, when you bump into something special you just know it, you can just feel it. And I have this feeling right […]

Meet 13 Startups from Techstars NYC Summer 2017 Program

This is my 6th program as Managing Director of Techstars NYC, and  I am really grateful to 3 people who run the program with me – KJ Singh, Jill Canning and Raj Patel. We’ve been lucky to be able to work with an amazing group of 80 startups, including 13 new companies from our summer […]

RSVP to Techstars NYC Demo Night on 9/28 in Partnership with New York Tech Meetup

As you probably know we’ve not done a traditional Demo Day at Techstars NYC for a few years now. This year we are launching Investor Week, and also Community Demo Night. Investor Week is our last week of the program, and we’ve invited hundreds of investors to come meet the founders 1-1. In addition, we […]

Video: NYU Startup School: Accelerators, Angels and VCs

I recently gave a talk at NYU Startup School. The talk is pretty long, 1.5 hours and covers a really broad range of topics from types of investors to how VCs make money, from what do accelerators do to what preferred stock is, and more. I really enjoyed this conversation, and hope you will find […]

30 tips to prevent being hacked that everyone should know

urIn recent years, we’ve seen a massive surge in digital identity theft, hacking and online fraud. The bad news is that these practices will not go away, but instead will become even more prevalent. Hackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, gaining inroads into election results, company databases and individual bank accounts. They use algorithms and so-called […]

Check out offers & asks from Techstars NYC Summer 2017 Companies

We just kicked off Techstars NYC Summer 2017 session, and the companies going through the program have come up with a list of offers and asks. CottageClass is a community marketplace for preK-12th grade microschools founded by teachers and parents. In little over a year we have served 400 children in the NYC area, and […]

How to Create the Future

TLDR; To create the future you need to envision it in great detail, and then make it happen through precise execution. What distinguishes strong founders from the rest is a massive vision; clarity of details on what the future should look like. Strong founders don’t necessarily know the exact path, but they do know their true […]

Why Strong Vision is the Secret Ingredient of Successful Founders

One of the questions investors like to ask the founders is – What is your vision? While seemingly cliché and qualitative, the question of vision is really important. After working with more than 80 founders, I believe that the ability to articulate a strong and clear vision is the leading indicator of success for the early […]

Awesome Jobs at Techstars NYC Companies – June 2017

Every couple of months we do a post with cool jobs available in over 100 Techstars companies in NYC. We are confident that Techstars companies stand for highest qualities startups you can find in NYC. Thats why whether you are an engineer or an MBA or an aspiring entrepreneur or an anxious corporate executive, we […]