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What makes America really great

Earlier this week, on the USA’s birthday, I sent a brief email to Techstars NYC founders. I got a pretty amazing response, and decided to publish the email on this blog verbatim with the hope that you will also find it helpful. Here it is: Hey founders! Today is the birthday of this amazing country […]

Dear Founders, I Commit to Double my Support for YOU and YOUR Startups

There will be a ton written today about the future. I truly, honestly do not know what is going to happen, and so much is not in my, or any of our, control. I don’t want to waste pixels sharing with you how I feel, because probably many of you feel the same. Instead, I […]

Meet 15 Startups from Techstars NYC Summer 2016 Program

We are delighted to introduce 15 Startups that are finishing our Summer 2016 Program today. As with our previous classes, this was a diverse group of founders solving a wide range of problems. In addition to 6 teams from NYC we had teams from Rochester, Atlanta, San Francisco, two teams from Philadelphia, a team from UK, […]

Amazing, in-depth Boat Rent vs Buy Calculator from Sailo

I rarely post product reviews on this blog, but today I am going to make an exception. Sailo (Techstars ’15) makes it easy to rent a boat. Today they rolled out a visual calculator that helps people decide when it makes sense to rent a boat vs. to buy it. This project has been going on […]

Q&A with Slash – mobile search engine inside your keyboard

In this post we are talking to Cem Kozinoglu, co-founder and CEO of Slash, Techstars ’15 company from New York City. 1. What is Slash in 140 characters? Slash is a mobile search engine built right inside your keyboard, so you don’t ever have to leave your conversation to find and share information. 2. Why […]

Q&A with Mona – A.I. based personal shopping assistant

In this post we are talking to Orkun Atik, co-founder and CEO of Mona, Techstars ’15 company from Seattle. 1. What is Mona in 140 characters? Mona is an artificial intelligence based personal shopping assistant in your pocket. Just like an expert in-store assistant that knows you really well. 2. Why did you start the […]

Q&A with Sailo – boat rental marketplace

In this post we are talking to Adrian Gradinaru, co-founder and CEO of Sailo, Techstars ’15 company from New York City. 1. What is Sailo in 140 characters? Sailo is an online boat rental marketplace that makes renting a boat seamless, accessible and personal by connecting renters to boat owners and captains. 2. Why did […]

Q&A with GlossGenius – automated assistant for beauty professionals

In this post we are talking to Danielle Cohen-Shohet, co-founder and CEO of Gloss Genius, Techstars ’15 company from New York City. 1. What is GlossGenius in 140 characters? GlossGenius is a smart, automated personal assistant that helps beauty professionals manage and grow their businesses. 2. Why did you start the company? I’m a beauty […]

Q&A with LiveLike – VR Platform for live sports

In this post we are talking to Andre Lorenceau, co-founder and CEO of LiveLike, Techstars ’15 company from San Francisco. 1. What is LiveLike in 140 characters? LiveLike uses Virtual Reality to bring you and your friends a sports viewing experience that’s as easy as TV and as awesome as the stadium. 2. Why did […]

Q&A with SPIDR – Data-Driven Policing

In this post we are talking to Rahul Sidhu, co-founder and CEO of SPIDR, Techstars ’15 company from Los Angeles. 1. What is SPIDR in 140 characters? We transform law enforcement agencies into data-driven police organizations. 2. Why did you start the company? I was formerly a police officer who lived through the frustrations of […]