Time is one of the things we unfortunately can’t get more of. As the amount of information we have to deal with is accelerating, our time seems to be shrinking. Here are 12 ways for giving back, and being respectful of, other people’s time: 1. Schedule shorter calls and meetings We have written here before […]


Every single company depends on software, and startups are no exception. Software has gone from being critical to every business, to BEING the business. Software creation is an art, a craft, and a process. Building and shipping software is a marathon that lasts the entire lifetime of the company. To ship software effectively you need to establish cadence, […]


I was recently chatting with one of the Techstars founders and found myself asking her, “What is the API for your business?” This may sound like an odd question, but it actually is not. Every single startup, and every single business has an interface that it offers to the world. Some of these interfaces are super […]


One of the worst things that can happen to a CEO of an early-stage company is to be in the state of perpetual fundraising. Here is how you can tell that it may be happening to you: You have been fundraising for a while You are fundraising and running the business at the same time You don’t […]


I rarely post product reviews on this blog, but today I am going to make an exception. Sailo (Techstars ’15) makes it easy to rent a boat. Today they rolled out a visual calculator that helps people decide when it makes sense to rent a boat vs. to buy it. This project has been going on […]


Early on, after Facebook launched its Feed feature, the product team at Facebook was trying to understand how to engage and retain users. What the product team noticed is that IF a user got to 10 or more friends in 14 days, there was very high likelihood of this user sticking around for a while. The team […]

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Every couple of months we do a post with cool jobs available in over 100 Techstars companies in NYC. We are confident that Techstars companies stand for highest qualities startups you can find in NYC. Thats why whether you are an engineer or an MBA or an aspiring entrepreneur or an anxious corporate executive, we want […]


For some reason, folks in tech, particularly investors, have trouble saying NO. Typically, the fear manifests itself in not even bothering to reply. After a number of seemingly positive interactions, the replies just stop. Saying NO, whether to a potential investment, potential hire, current employee, or a family member or friend, is just basic respect and […]


Competition is a strange topic. It is both underrated and overrated. This may seem like a contradiction, but it really isn’t. Startups often don’t spend enough time understanding the market, and spend too much time worrying about competition once they launch. In this post we look at different aspects of competition, and how a startup […]


Startups are never a smooth ride. Things don’t go the way we want them to, and it is really hard to create a business out of an initial idea. Investors say NO to us way more than they say yes. The same thing goes with customers—sales are hard. Our favorite, and seemingly most loyal employees […]