Check out offers & asks from Techstars NYC Summer 2017 Companies

We just kicked off Techstars NYC Summer 2017 session, and the companies going through the program have come up with a list of offers and asks.

CottageClass is a community marketplace for preK-12th grade microschools founded by teachers and parents. In little over a year we have served 400 children in the NYC area, and received inquiries from families in 77 cities. On CottageClass, teachers can create highly personalized early childhood, summer camp, homeschool and after school programs. Families can search and enroll directly in the ideal learning environment for their unique child. To bring CottageClass to you, please fill out our worldwide educational survey or reach out to

Geopipe automatically builds immersive virtual copies of the real world for architecture and beyond. They’re looking to beta-test their context models of New York City, San Francisco, and other major US cities with architecture firms this summer. Get in touch by filling out the demo request form on Geopipe’s website, or directly via

Hawthorne is the first ever personalized cologne. We use customer data to deliver premium cologne that’s perfectly tailored for you. Our algorithm identifies scent preference using body chemistry and lifestyle information, and if you’re not satisfied, we send you free replacement scents until you’re happy. Take our FREE cologne quiz today to find your scent:

Matchaful is taking your morning ritual to the next level through superior organic matcha. Take this quick survey and join the matcha movement at Use code ALEX17 for 15% off your first order.

Obsess is a Virtual Reality Platform for Experiential Shopping. Our mission is to replace today’s generic and tedious e-commerce interfaces with immersive, story-driven, engaging shopping experiences using VR/AR. Our B2B platform helps brands and retailers create virtual stores that work in VR headsets as well as on the web without a headset. We are looking for volunteers to participate in user testing of the VR shopping functionality – please sign up here if you are interested or reach out to

Parakeet is a connected phone system designed from the ground up for team collaboration. We’ll get your team up and running with a complete phone solution across your computers and smartphones, and integrate with your CRM and help desk software to surface information about callers and track call activity as it happens.  Let us help you make a seamless customer service your competitive advantage with a SaaS-based phone system that works the way you want. We’re currently offering 6 months of Parakeet for free to customer service and customer success teams who are interested in participating in our beta. Reach out to for more info.

PhoneWagon helps businesses attribute phone calls to specific marketing campaigns so you can see the full picture of what’s happening with your ad spend. Make better decisions using complete data – not just web leads. We are offering our starter plan for $10/mo (normally $25/mo) to everyone via this blog post. Email and mention you want this promotional pricing.

SVRF is the first search and discovery engine for immersive content. We make it easy for people to search, share and discover the best immersive content for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Start searching today by visiting our website or downloading SVRF Tabs, the first Chrome extension for VR/360º content, which replaces each new tab with the most breathtaking 360º photos.

Eta is a new functional programming language that is based on Haskell and runs entirely on JVM. Eta is a pure functional language, it uses lazy evaluation and strong type safety. If you want to check it out, get your copy on or email

Vitally helps Customer Success teams track the product metrics critical to customer retention alongside their impact on those metrics all without any engineering effort on your part. We are offering free access to our private beta (min. 3 months) to B2B SaaS companies that use Segment. Please register for the beta at or reach out to


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