Dear Founders, I Commit to Double my Support for YOU and YOUR Startups

There will be a ton written today about the future.

I truly, honestly do not know what is going to happen, and so much is not in my, or any of our, control.

I don’t want to waste pixels sharing with you how I feel, because probably many of you feel the same.

Instead, I want to tell you what I am going to do—I am going to double my support for Techstars founders, for founders in NYC, and founders in general.

As many you know, I work hard to support the founders. I get behind the founders, give them as much time as they need, and to let them know that I believe in them.

I fundamentally believe that technology and innovation are changing our lives for better.

I believe that we need more founders, more startups, more smart, fearless people starting companies, and solving problems that seem to be impossible.

I also know that the times for startups are tough, and are likely to remain tough for some time. Lack of liquidity in public markets caused a reverse domino effect and many early- stage startups are struggling to raise capital.

So today, I am going to commit to something that is within my control—to double my support for startups and founders.

Specifically, I am going to:

  • Work even more closely with the founders to help them with their financings.
  • Help founders drive up revenue, achieving profitability and independence.
  • Send even more introductions, connect even more people.
  • Answer every single email and every single tweet from a founder.
  • Meet more founders in NYC and around the world and give feedback.
  • Always iterate on my calendar and make more time for the founders.
  • Speak at public events in NYC and around the world about entrepreneurship.
  • Blog more about topics founders care about and want to read about.
  • Publish my (long in the works) book for founders.

I’ve already been doing all of this, but I am going on the record saying I am going to double my efforts.

It is already really tough for startups, and it is likely to remain tough for a while.

In this time of great uncertainty, I am absolutely certain that America needs startups, and America needs innovation.

I am going to do everything within my power to help every single founder, and every single startup I meet.

This is within my control and this is what I am going to do.

Please reach out anytime. My mind, my heart, and my network are open.




  1. Great posture.

    No time for whining and complaining. It’s the season to sharpen the pitch, get closer to users, and add value.

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  2. This is about as good of a reaction as one can have to the election. If we all react the same way, doesn’t really matter who the president is, we are going to have a better country.

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  3. Great offer! I do agree if we all react the same there will be a better world!

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