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#RIPGoodTimes, Welcome Back Great Times! 5 reasons why NOW is the perfect time for YOUR startup

Everyone is talking about the economic downturn, and exuberant valuations in private markets. Bill Gurley predicted this back in early 2015, and I’ve written about it last August. So, okay, it is finally here – everyone said it, and everyone knows where we are. We are here now, and I want argue that right now is a […]

If you aren’t thinking mobile web first, you are doing it wrong

Mobile Web is Eating the World It is mind blowing to me how many startups and big companies get mobile totally wrong. Take a look at this tweet from Benedict Evans: Black Friday. US commerce = Mobile, iOS. — Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) November 29, 2015 This is mobile commerce – currently worst experience on mobile, […]

Why Apple TV Could be a game changer

Today, during Apple’s announcement my Twitter stream was a festival of haters. People made fun of the Pencil and Live Photos, and pretty much everything else. In the meantime, I bought some Apple stock. I am long $AAPL, because the company is expanding the product line, and getting more embedded into our homes. Apple has […]

Ideas on a Napkin: Integrating Email, Todos and Calendar

Brad Feld just wrote a post on why email clients suck. Go read Brad’s post if you’ve not read it yet. Brad makes a point that we keep doing the same repetitive tasks, like adding someone to email chain, or moving someone to bcc, and the tools just don’t get it. The collective of these […]

Tech winter maybe coming: Here is what it means for your startup

Bill Gurley, an investor at Benchmark, is one of the most well known and respected Venture Capitalist in the word. He recently posted a series of tweets about upcoming tech downturn that triggered this Business Insider post and this post by re/code. The Problem In a nutshell, the problem is that currently private markets are […]

Are YOU ready, Player One? The upcoming age of virtual reality.

Last week, I finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Admittedly, I am a little late to the party. The book, published in 2011, is already a classic, soon to be a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. The plot itself is okay, not amazing. A little cheesy, uneven and always predictable. Yet, the book has […]

Why traditional TV is the real Walking Dead

For years people have been talking about the demise of traditional television, and now, it is finally here. It is getting unbundled and attacked from so many different directions that there is no way that it can be around as is for much longer. Lets take a look how and why TV is getting unbundled, […]

I’ve seen the new face of Search, and it ain’t Google.

I’ve seen the new face of Search, and it ain’t Google. What is it you ask? It is a Text message. Wait, what? A text message?! Alex, this really makes no sense?! Ah, but it does. Read on, and you will see why… The Rise of Mobile The rapid rise of mobile is wiping out […]

The Not-So-Great Present and The Bright Future of Mobile Web

It is striking just how big the mobile web grew, yet how poor the mobile user experience is. Sites are reporting that 50-70% of the traffic is on mobile, yet their pages either don’t render at all or don’t render legibly on mobile. At best, a site claims to be mobile responsive, meaning that it renders legibly. […]

ART and Harmony of Digital and Physical Life

I was watching America’s Got Talent with my kids and was mesmerized by two performances. Both of them used projection screen and multimedia to blend digital and physical life to create, what felt like, a completely new experience. Here is the first one: and here is the second one: Back in 2007 I’ve written a […]