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11 Questions Founders Need to Ask Investors During the First Meeting

Last week we wrote about questions that investors ask founders during investor meetings. This week we are turning the tables and talking about questions that founders need to ask investors. Most founders spend little time asking investors questions, and that’s too bad. First of all, good investors love it when you ask them questions, because it […]

30 Questions Investors Ask During Fundraising

We’ve written a lot here about fundraising and how it is a complicated, and at times, confusing process. To fundraise effectively you need to prepare and have a strategy, understand different types of investors, understand how much to raise, and create a solid investor pipeline. We have also talked about a fundraising deck, and how to go about putting one together. […]

Why NO is the next best thing after YES

For some reason, folks in tech, particularly investors, have trouble saying NO. Typically, the fear manifests itself in not even bothering to reply. After a number of seemingly positive interactions, the replies just stop. Saying NO, whether to a potential investment, potential hire, current employee, or a family member or friend, is just basic respect and […]

25 epic, must-read blog posts about fundraising

In my capacity of Managing Director at Techstars NYC, I spend a lot of time with founders attempting to get funding. Raising money is a complex and rigorous process. It requires preparation and precision. I’ve been writing extensively on the topic here on my blog. I’ve been also collecting the best articles I find around the […]

Why it makes sense to raise more capital when you can

Great founders hate dilution. Great founders are jealous of the equity in the company, because they believe in the vision and the opportunity. One one hand, the founders don’t want to give up equity, and on the other hand they typically need capital to grow the business. Investors are also equity driven. That’s why there is tension in […]

The perfect investor deck for raising a seed round

There are several ways to build an investor deck for your seed round, but there is no perfect way, of course. The common thing between all successful decks is that they are short and clear. Be sure to read 9 seed funding gotchas and 8 things you need to know a about raising venture capital […]

The WHY in the investor intro ask

We’ve written a lot here about fundraising and investor introductions. One of the key things to successful fundraising is being prepared, and one of the key pieces of preparation is to correctly target the list of investors. Most founders start with a generic list of potential investors they get from the Internet and other founders. […]

How much capital should you raise?

When you are going out to fundraise you need to decide how much capital to raise. A typical answer we hear looks something like this: We need to build X features in our product, and we need to hire Y people to make it happen. So our burn would be Z and we need a […]

Don’t take intros from investors who aren’t investing in you

Somewhere in the fundraising universe: Investor A: I can’t get there. Really love what you are doing though. Super happy to introduce you to other potential investors B, C, and D. Founder: Awesome! YES! Please! This happens again and again. Investors pass but offer to introduce the founder to another investor instead. This, generally speaking, […]

Why sending Decks to Investors before the first meeting is generally a bad idea and what to do about it

A typical exchange between founder and investor: Founder: Hi! Would LOVE to meet you and talk to you about what we are doing. Investor: Do you have a deck? Founder: Sure, here it is. When can we meet? 1-2 week(s) later….. Investor: Sorry, doesn’t look like I could help. OR WORSE I am pretty busy […]