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Your Startup as a Funnel

We’ve written here before about funnels – a powerful tool for startups to use for converting customers, sales, fundraising and more. The common characteristic of the funnels include the way they should be optimized – bottom up, and one stage at a time. In this post we use the funnel visual to think about your…

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Understanding Network Effects

I am a big fan of A16Z podcasts, and they just released a terrific episode on Network Effect. Network effect is an important, and somewhat confusing topic. The reason network effect is important is that the businesses with a true network effect are highly defensible, have strong retention and engagement, exhibit characteristics of a monopoly, and tend to last for…

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5 Tips for Startup Engineering Teams

Every single company depends on software, and startups are no exception. Software has gone from being critical to every business, to BEING the business. Software creation is an art, a craft, and a process. Building and shipping software is a marathon that lasts the entire lifetime of the company. To ship software effectively you need to establish cadence,…

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