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30 tips to prevent being hacked that everyone should know

urIn recent years, we’ve seen a massive surge in digital identity theft, hacking and online fraud. The bad news is that these practices will not go away, but instead will become even more prevalent. Hackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, gaining inroads into election results, company databases and individual bank accounts. They use algorithms and so-called […]

What makes America really great

Earlier this week, on the USA’s birthday, I sent a brief email to Techstars NYC founders. I got a pretty amazing response, and decided to publish the email on this blog verbatim with the hope that you will also find it helpful. Here it is: Hey founders! Today is the birthday of this amazing country […]

Forty Four

Last year when I turned 43 I wrote an introspective post, and I thought this year I would do the same. Here are some things that I have learned, re-learned, and generally had on my mind as this year comes to a close. This is a long read, and there is no TLDR; – sorry. 1. Balance […]

Q&A with Slash – mobile search engine inside your keyboard

In this post we are talking to Cem Kozinoglu, co-founder and CEO of Slash, Techstars ’15 company from New York City. 1. What is Slash in 140 characters? Slash is a mobile search engine built right inside your keyboard, so you don’t ever have to leave your conversation to find and share information. 2. Why […]

The harder I work, the luckier I get

A few years back I had pleasure of working on a transaction with Stan Shuman, then a Managing Director at Allen & Co. Allen & Co is the investment bank at the center of the tech ecosystem, and Stan joined in 1970, and was at the helm for many years. On this transaction that Stan […]

5 Great Books I read this summer

Despite a fairly busy schedule, I managed to carve out some time for reading this summer. Books that I’ve read just been great, and re-invigorated my passion for reading, and more importantly learning (which has been getting a bit stale lately). So I figured I should share them with you. 1. Flash Boys, by Michael […]

Forty three

I grew up in a small town in the west Ukraine. Growing up I wasn’t athletic. My parents had me try a few sports like tennis and swimming, but I would quit after a few lessons. I didn’t enjoy physical exercise, and didn’t care to give it a shot. I was physically weak, and not […]

I am joining advisory board of The S Factory — Pre-Accelerator For Female Founders

I am thrilled to share that I accepted a role on Advisory Board for The S Factory. This is a new, pre-seed accelerator for women founders launched by Startup Chile. You can read TechCrunch coverage of the launch. Why The S Factory? To put it simply, the vision is to help more women founders build […]

Big News: I am joining Techstars as the Managing Director in New York City!

I am very excited to share that I am joining Techstars, and will be running the program in New York City. Techstars is the #1 accelerator for startups, with a broad vision to create a world-wide network of entrepreneurs, startups, mentors and investors. New York City has become one of the biggest centers of tech […]

So, what’s it like to sell your first company?

Short answer: It is insane, it sucks, its awesome, its out of this world experience. For details – read on… In December of 2002 I was the CEO of my first company, Information Laboratory. The company developed a product called Small Worlds, which helped find architectural flaws in software systems. A software tools power house, […]