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What makes America really great

Earlier this week, on the USA’s birthday, I sent a brief email to Techstars NYC founders. I got a pretty amazing response, and decided to publish the email on this blog verbatim with the hope that you will also find it helpful. Here it is: Hey founders! Today is the birthday of this amazing country […]

Forty Four

Last year when I turned 43 I wrote an introspective post, and I thought this year I would do the same. Here are some things that I have learned, re-learned, and generally had on my mind as this year comes to a close. This is a long read, and there is no TLDR; – sorry. 1. Balance […]

Q&A with Slash – mobile search engine inside your keyboard

In this post we are talking to Cem Kozinoglu, co-founder and CEO of Slash, Techstars ’15 company from New York City. 1. What is Slash in 140 characters? Slash is a mobile search engine built right inside your keyboard, so you don’t ever have to leave your conversation to find and share information. 2. Why […]

The harder I work, the luckier I get

A few years back I had pleasure of working on a transaction with Stan Shuman, then a Managing Director at Allen & Co. Allen & Co is the investment bank at the center of the tech ecosystem, and Stan joined in 1970, and was at the helm for many years. On this transaction that Stan […]

5 Great Books I read this summer

Despite a fairly busy schedule, I managed to carve out some time for reading this summer. Books that I’ve read just been great, and re-invigorated my passion for reading, and more importantly learning (which has been getting a bit stale lately). So I figured I should share them with you. 1. Flash Boys, by Michael […]

Forty three

I grew up in a small town in the west Ukraine. Growing up I wasn’t athletic. My parents had me try a few sports like tennis and swimming, but I would quit after a few lessons. I didn’t enjoy physical exercise, and didn’t care to give it a shot. I was physically weak, and not […]

I am joining advisory board of The S Factory — Pre-Accelerator For Female Founders

I am thrilled to share that I accepted a role on Advisory Board for The S Factory. This is a new, pre-seed accelerator for women founders launched by Startup Chile. You can read TechCrunch coverage of the launch. Why The S Factory? To put it simply, the vision is to help more women founders build […]

Big News: I am joining Techstars as the Managing Director in New York City!

I am very excited to share that I am joining Techstars, and will be running the program in New York City. Techstars is the #1 accelerator for startups, with a broad vision to create a world-wide network of entrepreneurs, startups, mentors and investors. New York City has become one of the biggest centers of tech […]

So, what’s it like to sell your first company?

Short answer: It is insane, it sucks, its awesome, its out of this world experience. For details – read on… In December of 2002 I was the CEO of my first company, Information Laboratory. The company developed a product called Small Worlds, which helped find architectural flaws in software systems. A software tools power house, […]

The American Dream: 17 Years of Engineering Software

Seventeen years ago, on April 10th 1991, a plane landed in John F. Kennedy airport. That plane had just crossed the Atlantic carrying, amongst others, passengers escaping the crumbling Soviet empire. One of whom was me. I walked off that plane with a first ever taste of Coca-Cola in my mouth, a lame teenage mustache, […]