I was watching America’s Got Talent with my kids and was mesmerized by two performances. Both of them used projection screen and multimedia to blend digital and physical life to create, what felt like, a completely new experience. Here is the first one: and here is the second one: Back in 2007 I’ve written a […]

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We have opened applications for our Techstars NYC 2015 class this week. The program is very competitive, and end we end up accepting less than 1% of the applicants. Because the program is so competitive, it is important to make your application stand out. Here are the things that we are looking for in your […]

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We are delighted to announce that Techstars NYC is now an official sponsor of NY Tech Meetup. Founded back in 2004, NY Tech Meetup is the largest tech meetup and a non-profit organization for tech professionals in the world. NY Tech Meetup has over 40,000 members! Since its inception the goal of NY Tech Meetup […]


We are opening applications for next Techstars NYC class on September 8th! This new class will start in January of 2015, and we are looking forward to meeting and recruiting amazing founders and great companies. Please stay tuned for a separate announcement on September 8th with the details on how to apply. Along with opening […]


I hold public office hours, and do a lot of Skype calls. I always wear a Techstars T-shirt during those calls. This week, one of the entrepreneurs immediately noticed and asked me about it. To me wearing a Techstars’ T-shirt is an opportunity to promote a brand that I stand for and care about. I […]


When I made an offer to Borja over Skype, he started jumping and yelling out loud. He then ran out the door, and the next thing I knew, him and his mother where both yelling into my Skype from Spain. It was kind of like being present during a UEFA soccer game – I loved […]


Accelerators are now integral part of the startup ecosystem. For some, especially first time founders, it sort of becoming a checkbox — have to go through an accelerator. Serial entrepreneurs, as a rule, would say they don’t need to, because they already know what to do. Some people say that accelerators are only good for […]


At Techstars, we spend a lot time surrounding companies with amazing, experienced mentors. We believe that it is the power of the network, the collective wisdom, the experience, the diversity of opinions that causes the companies to accelerate. After the program is over, many of our companies go on to raise successful Seed rounds. Sometimes […]

MakersKit Herb Garden Kit

I first heard about MakersKit, from Jason Seats, the Managing Director at Techstars in Austin. Jason highlighted a few companies that he was tracking for his previous program. MakersKit looked intriguing, and I reached out to them to get an update. The moment I met Mike and Jawn on Google Hangout, I knew they were […]

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