One the the trickiest parts of any fundraising process is getting the actual commitment from investors. Often, we hear founders say that the investor is IN only to find out later that they NOT REALLY IN. The complexity is based on two dynamics: 1) Founders have happy ears 2) Investors have FOMO, and would like optionality of […]

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In my capacity of Managing Director at Techstars NYC, I spend a lot of time with founders attempting to get funding. Raising money is a complex and rigorous process. It requires preparation and precision. I’ve been writing extensively on the topic here on my blog. I’ve been also collecting the best articles I find around the […]


We are delighted to open applications for our 2016 program in New York City. The program will start in July and the Demo Day will be in October. We are looking for exceptional founders who are tackling difficult problems and are going after big opportunities. We are specifically looking founders working on VR/AR, applications of AI/Machine learning, […]


I am now an investor in 40 different companies both directly and through Techstars NYC. At Techstars, we look to back startups with great founders. The founding team matters a lot, and to me personally, it is a single biggest deciding factor for selecting a company. Not the size of the market, the team. If […]


Great founders hate dilution. Great founders are jealous of the equity in the company, because they believe in the vision and the opportunity.  One one hand, the founders don’t want to give up equity, and on the other hand they typically need capital to grow the business. Investors are also equity driven. Thats why there is tension in […]

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Every two months we do a post with cool jobs available in one of over 100 Techstars companies in NYC. We are confident that Techstars companies stand for highest qualities startups you can find in NYC. Thats why whether you are an engineer or an MBA or an aspiring entrepreneur or an anxious corporate executive, […]


There are several ways to build an investor deck for your seed round, but there is no, perfect way, of course. The common thing between all successful decks is that they are short and clear. Be sure to read 9 seed funding gotchas and 8 things you need to know a about raising venture capital before […]


We’ve written here about spending time preparing for fundraising. We also talked about various sources of startup capital. Fundraising is much like sales – it is numbers game, and it is best attacked with a strong funnel. As a founder you focus on first identifying the right investors, then getting introductions and finally working through […]


On December 17th Techstars NYC graduated 14 companies. The Demo Day took place at the beautiful Skirball Theater in NYU. The venue was packed – over 700 angel investors, VCs, reporters, mentors, Techstars alumni and members of NYC tech community were in attendance. We were also very fortunate to have Fred Wilson as a speaker. […]


In this post we are talking to Cem Kozinoglu, co-founder and CEO of Slash, Techstars ’15 company from New York City. 1. What is Slash in 140 characters? Slash is a mobile search engine built right inside your keyboard, so you don’t ever have to leave your conversation to find and share information. 2. Why […]