This day an age when startups talk about MVP the emphasis is always on minimum. Everyone encourages founders to not wait too long to launch, to get it out there, to get feedback, and to start learning from the market. That is a great advice in general, and I am personally a big fan of […]


There is a dynamic that we’ve observed time and again: VC get “very excited” about the company, pulls the founders into the process, goes fast, have a partner meeting, and then say NO. This is very painful and unexpected for the founders. After all, the investor seemed to be so excited about the company, said […]


A few years back I had pleasure of working on a transaction with Stan Shuman, then a Managing Director at Allen & Co. Allen & Co is the investment bank at the center of the tech ecosystem, and Stan joined in 1970, and was at the helm for many years. On this transaction that Stan […]


Techstars Fall 2015 class just started last week. We’ve asked the companies about their hiring needs to put together this blog post. If you are looking to learn a ton, take a thrilling ride, join a super early stage startup and experience the Techstars program in NYC, this is your chance. Take a look at […]


Today, during Apple’s announcement my Twitter stream was a festival of haters. People made fun of the Pencil and Live Photos, and pretty much everything else. In the meantime, I bought some Apple stock. I am long $AAPL, because the company is expanding the product line, and getting more embedded into our homes. Apple has […]


Every two months we do a post with cool jobs available in one of over 100 Techstars companies in NYC. We are confident that Techstars companies stand for highest qualities startups you can find in NYC. Thats why whether you are an engineer or an MBA or an aspiring entrepreneur or an anxious corporate executive, […]


Despite a fairly busy schedule, I managed to carve out some time for reading this summer. Books that I’ve read just been great, and re-invigorated my passion for reading, and more importantly learning (which has been getting a bit stale lately). So I figured I should share them with you. 1. Flash Boys, by Michael […]


Brad Feld just wrote a post on why email clients suck. Go read Brad’s post if you’ve not read it yet. Brad makes a point that we keep doing the same repetitive tasks, like adding someone to email chain, or moving someone to bcc, and the tools just don’t get it. The collective of these […]


Fairly frequently, maybe every few weeks, I get an email saying either: Hey, I am in town tomorrow, do you have time to meet? OR Hey, my friend John is in town tomorrow and wants to meet you, do you have the time? Honestly, I absolutely hate these emails. And I don’t hate a lot, […]


Bill Gurley, an investor at Benchmark, is one of the most well known and respected Venture Capitalist in the word. He recently posted a series of tweets about upcoming tech downturn that triggered this Business Insider post and this post by re/code. The Problem In a nutshell, the problem is that currently private markets are […]