We spend a lot of time talking to Techstars founders about focus. We talk a lot about saying ‘no’ to things that don’t matter. We talk a lot about not chasing too many things at once. We try to give founders tools for deciding what’s important. We try to give them a framework for how […]


We have over 100 different Techstars companies in NYC, including Techstars 2015 Winter Batch, which is in progress right now. Jobs listings are all made equal, but the companies aren’t. We are confident that the Techstars companies stand for highest qualities startups you can find in NYC. Thats why whether you are an engineer or […]


I’ve seen the new face of Search, and it ain’t Google. What is it you ask? It is a Text message. Wait, what? A text message?! Alex, this really makes no sense?! Ah, but it does. Read on, and you will see why… The Rise of Mobile The rapid rise of mobile is wiping out […]


Last week, on Friday, I wrote a post called 9 Seed Funding Gotchas.  I tweeted it out, as usual, and got a bunch of people to re-tweet. No big deal – 10 retweets. I also emailed the post to David Cohen and Brad Feld, and asked them for feedback. I do that from time […]


‘The chance favors the prepared mind.’ – Louis Pasteur. One of the objectives of the companies going through Techstars and other accelerators is to secure financing. Most companies are coming in focusing on accelerating their business and then securing capital to continue to accelerate growth. As the common shareholder in the company, Techstars is completely […]


I get a lot of asks to do an intro, and I do A TON of intros every week. I don’t mind, I love it actually, because my job is to create a bigger network, to connect the dots ;) First rule of any intro is do your homework, and make me do as little […]


It is striking just how big the mobile web grew, yet how poor the mobile user experience is. Sites are reporting that 50-70% of the traffic is on mobile, yet their pages either don’t render at all or don’t render legibly on mobile. At best, a site claims to be mobile responsive, meaning that it renders legibly. […]


If you love to code, love to learn and looking to get exposure to NYC startup ecosystem — Techstars has a job for you. Every batch, we recruit so called Hackstars – the A-team of engineers and designers who work with the companies during the program on whatever technical work comes their way. Here are […]


We have over 60 different Techstars companies in NYC. They are building great businesses ranging from 3rd largest web hosting provider in the world (Digital Ocean) to a small team working to provide an API to scientific knowledge (Standard Analytics). While the companies are all in different stages, they all face the same issue – […]


I was watching America’s Got Talent with my kids and was mesmerized by two performances. Both of them used projection screen and multimedia to blend digital and physical life to create, what felt like, a completely new experience. Here is the first one: and here is the second one: Back in 2007 I’ve written a […]