My ideas are a dime a dozen

I get up and go to bed thinking about startups.

I have dozens and dozens of ideas that I keep writing down. They range from ambitious projects in personal computing to very silly web games. I wake up and imagine better interface for LinkedIn, a modern wine store and a diet app that makes it easier to track calories.

Some of my ideas have already been done, some have not. Some of them people might pay for, most they won’t. Some of these ideas could be fundable, and could one day become big businesses. But the thing is, my ideas are NOT businesses. Not yet anyway.

I often hear people talk about ideas as if they are actual companies. Startup founders get quite upset — a competitor stole my idea, but I actually thought of this first. It does not really matter whose idea it was. The ideas are a dime a dozen. You can’t patent an idea. You can’t protect an idea in today’s world. Any business idea, no matter how profound, is just a beautiful, but fragile construct in our heads.

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