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Engineer, Immigrant. Vegan. 3x Founder, Managing Partner @2048vc. Previously ran @techstars in NYC. I write #startuphacks: .

Java: A Retrospective

It was 1995 and C++ was the language of choice for building large-scale software systems. C++ was a powerful object-oriented programming language, the successor of widely used procedural language called C. But not only was C++ powerful, it was also quite complicated. Seasoned programmers enjoyed the intricacies and the possibilities, but newbies would get burned…

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The Future Of Software Development

In 1975, Frederick Brooks wrote a classic book on software project management called The Mythical Man-Month. In the book, he famously argued that adding more people to a development project will hinder rather than help to get things done faster. The reason is that having more people working on the project introduces a non-linear overhead…

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Rethinking ‘Crossing The Chasm’

Today’s fast changing world redefines how we do business. It also puts into question old business methods and theories. Is “Crossing the Chasm” thinking still meaningful today? Is it even possible anymore? In this post we put this business notion under the microscope and look for answers to those questions. The Classic Chasm Crossing Consider…

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