So you think marketing your app is useless? Think again.

If you are a technical founder, you probably don’t think marketing is all that important. You don’t care enough about it. You are not really sure what it is all about anyway. Probably best to just ignore it.

After all, you built this great app, with a beautiful design. And the app is useful — its solving a real world problem. No marketing is needed. You press the button, make it available on the app store, tweet about it and the word-of-mouth magic will do the rest.

Then you launch and nothing happens. The app is there, and nobody cares. There are maybe 100 downloads, and a few reviews. The launch is dead, and you are incredibly frustrated. What went wrong? The app is so awesome. It really is, but it doesn’t matter.

What your amazing app is missing is some amazing marketing to go along with it.

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